Since 1970 at the service of our patients, initially in Cantín y Gamboa street in Zaragoza, and from 1979 to the present in C/ Coso no 90, also in Zaragoza, near its historic center, next to the Roman amphitheatre.

We value patient satisfaction above all else in our work and that when they leave the door we have resolved all their doubts and concerns regarding their health and well-being, whatever they may be, improving their quality of life. Nothing moves us more than the close relationship we establish with our patients and their gratitude.

In this equation, the pharmaceutical services we provide play a fundamental role, which allow us a more personalized attention and commitment to the health of patients than interaction at the counter, and which are aimed at preventing disease and promoting health. health. As a result of this philosophy of service, our specialization in Optics was born, with which we develop a work of attention to the population for a correct visual control.

Trusted, close pharmacy, place of consultation and service; We continue to evolve as society evolves, opening new horizons to enrich the quality of life of our patients, and always thinking about what we can improve to help our neighbors, adapting to their needs and demands.

Delivered to our pharmacy and to our patients.

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